The Baynor Reunion 2000

After months of planning, doing research on our family, and getting the Baynor book printed, we (Terria and B.J) finally gathered the Baynor clan and all connected surnames together in April of 2000. One hundred of our relatives gathered together at Everetts Community Church of Christ, in Beaufort county, NC. It was a perfect day, sunny and warm! B.J. and I were beside ourself with the excitement of having our first family reunion, and were surprized by the turn out. We were finally getting to meet "our family". To us this was the big day!! We had met so many over the internet, and by phone calls, but now, we were getting to meet, face to face.

We had door prizes, and the first prize winner was Mary Baynor, who won a free Baynor Book, Bonnie Baynor was our second prize winner, winning a framed Baynor Coat of Arms, and last but not least, was Glenn Baynor, who got a third place prize of a Baynor Coat of Arms key chain. Mrs Odell Furlough Peele was given a special prize for being the oldest there. A coffee cup with the Baynor Coat of Arms, and the year 2000 printed on it. Martha Baynor, who got us started, was presented a Baynor Book. Martha gave us all the information that got us started searching our roots.

We took a vote and everyone wanted to continue our reunion. So, mark your calanders for next year, it will be the last Sat. of April, 2001, starting at 11:00 AM, at Everetts Community Church of Christ, Beaufort County. NC. More information will be sent out by Feb. of 2001.

We had the affair catered, and so many brough home made goodies, which everyone enjoyed. I really believe everyone had a great time...seeing old faces, meeting new ones. and getting to meet your family for the first time. Family is so important, without family, we would have no roots. Let us all work together to get to know our family, and to make the 2001 reunion really something special. Below are some pictures from the reunion,,,these are just a few, but hopefully, we will be adding more enjoy!!

Reunion Photos 2000


Reunion 0002

Reunion 0003

Reunion 0004

Reunion 0005

Reunion 0006

Reunion 0007

Reunion 0008

Reunion 0009

Reunion 0010

Reunion 0011

Reunion 0012

Reunion 0013

Reunion 0014

Reunion 0015

Reunion 0016

Reunion 0017

Reunion 0018

Reunion 0019

Reunion 0020

Reunion 0021

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