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Rice, Ella, b. Dec. 23, 1887, d. Aug. 2, 1951 "wife"
F.William Baynor, M. Mathilda J. Baynor, H. William S. Rice

Baynor, Eli Layfayett, b. March 12, 1879 d. June 6,1957
F. William Baynor, M. Mathilda J. Baynor, W. Mrs. Margaret Virginia
Dunbar Skittlethorp Baynor

Baynor, James Richard, b. Oct. 28, 1935 d. Oct. 39, 1935
F. Walter Edward Baynor, M. Elaine Cuthrell

Baynor, Margaret Virginia, b. Oct. 16, 1878 d. Oct. 30, 1938
F. William Benjamin Dunbar, M. Margaret E. Gowers
H. (1) Joseph R. Skittlethorp, (2) Eli Lafayette Baynor

Baynor, Mathilda J. b. 1845 d. 1920
"Rest Mother, in quiet sleep"
H. William Baynor

Baynor, Jennie, b.~? d. Dec. 12, 1914
F. Robert Dunbar, M. not given

Baynor, Landon O., b. Feb. 11, 1883 d. Oct. 12, 1914
F. Walter R. Baynor, M. Ester M. Harris

Baynor, Jessie Lee(F), b. Dec. 1, 1891 d. Jan. 28, 1918
F. A. B. Barnes, M. Alice (Alvera) Ollives, H. John H. Baynor

Baynor, Holly M.(M), b~? d. Sept.4, 1923
F. H.T. Baynor, M. Fannie Brownie

Baynor, Mary E., b.~? d. Oct. 24, 1925
F. John P. Baynor, M. not given

Baynor, W.E., b~? d. Mar. 13, 1928
F. David Baynor, M. Mary Sparrow

Everson, Appla Baynor, b. Mar.12, 1850 d. Sept. 26, 1928
F. T.A.J. Baynor, M. Jennie Wallace

Baynor, Mary C., b~? d. april 6, 1929
F. William Sparrow, M. Sallie Woolard

St. Peters Registry, Zion Church

3-30-1826, Richard Bayner
2-1-1828, Alfred Bayner
12-5-1832, Richard Bayner, by Wm. N. Hawks
12-5-1832, Wiley Bayner, by Wm. N. Hawks
3-21-1848, Nancy A. Chauncey, age 3 years

Note: William Nassau Hawks was an Episcopalian minister and was one of five sons of Francis Hawks. The father of Francis Hawks was John Hawks, architect and contractor for Tryon's Palace in New Bern, NC.

Aged Resident of County Passes Away
( Oct. 7, 1941 )

Ill for about two weeks, J. A. Baynor, 82, passed away at his home in Plymouth, Route 1, in Long Acre Township, yesterday afternoon at 5:15 o'clock. Mr. Baynor was a son of the late John Langley Baynor and Marion Respess Baynor. He was born and reared in Beaufort County and had always resided in the Long Acre Township, where he held prominent forming interest and was a highly regarded and well known resident. He was a member of the Acre Chapel Christian Church. His wife preceeded him in death about thirty eight years ago. Surviving are two sons, Howard M. Baynor of Plymouth, Route 1, and John H. Baynor of Norfolk, VA., a daughter, Mrs Jesse Craddock of Plymouth, Route 1, a brother, H. T. Baynor of Plymouth, Route 1, and a sister, Mrs Annie Ange of Dillion, SC. Funeral service were held from the late residence this afternoon at 4 o'clock with the Rev. Guy Saunders officiating. Burial was in the Baynor family cemetery near the home.

Some Bio's

RICHARD BAYNOR died between 1794-1800. His son, Richard Jr. continued to be prosperous and in 1828, after Richard Jr. had died, his children petitioned the courts for a distribution of his estate among them. Richard Jr. had left no will.
Richard Baynor, Jr. had married Nancy Chauncey. Richard's two sisters married Chauncey's. His sister, Ann Baynor married Samuel Chauncey, Nancy's brother and his other sister Mary married Isaac Chauncey, Nancy's other brother. All three were the children of Wally Chauncey.
Richard Baynor, lll, married three times, the first to Deborah Wallace, the daughter of Levin and Apaley Wallace. They had five children, David F., Susan, Apaley, Richard H. and Deborah Baynor. Richard H. and Deborah Baynor were twins, born in 1841. Their mother died shortly thereafter and the family was split up. David Baynor went to stay with his father and his new wife, Nancy. Susan Baynor went to stay with her uncle John and Sarah Wallace. Apaley Baynor and the twins, Richard and Deborah, went to live with their grandparents, Levin and Apaley Wallace. The children never again lived together as a family.
Richard Baynor, lll, had a son by his second wife Nancy, born in 1852, named William. Nancy Baynor did not live long and Richard married again to a widow, Louisa Woolard. They had no children.
Richard Baynor lll and his wife Louisa were living during 1880 and it was probably during this decade that they died. Their son David F. Baynor married Mary Cecelia Sparrow in 1869. Daughter, Susan Baynor married Evan Woolard in 1857. Daughter Apaley Baynor married Thomas Waters in 1867. Son Richard H. Baynor was killed at Seven Pines, Va. in 1852 during the Civil War. Daughter Deborah Baynor. No records, she lived to be at least 20 years old.

LUCRETIA BAYNOR was the daughter of John Baynor and Rachel Langley. She was born 7-11-1808 and died 2-5-1882. She married Jacob Swindell, born 10_30-1805 and died 1-30-1888. They had five children. Martha, born in 1833, died ?. James, born in 1836, died ?, William Henry, born in 1838, died ?, married Sallie Ann Gaskill, Francis Marion, born in 1642, died ?, married Ida Sparrow, and Mary C. born in 1845, died 1926. She married 1st Robert M. Boyd and 2nd, Bartemus Waters. Lucretia and Jacob Swindell are buried in the Pinkham-Baynor cemetery.

CHILDREN OF SOUTHY BAYNOR were Mary Ann, Louisa, Thomas J., Zachariah, and George. These children were wards of Francis Alligood and John P Baynor, date, March 1, 1841

MARY J. BAYNOR married John W. Jordan, WALTER R. BAYNOR married Ester Harris, these were the children of A.J. Baynor and his wife Elizabeth J. Baynor.
APPLY BAYNOR married James R. Everson, She was the daughter of Thomas Baynor and Jane Baynor.
ZETTIE FAIRE BAYNOR was born to John Alfred Baynor and Julia C.Hollis Baynor on Feb. 5, 1890, one of six children. Zettie's mother died from multiple snake bites (cottonmouth) while fishing around a large ditch.Zettie Faire Baynor married Thomas Edward Furlough.

These pages are taken from the book Baynors of Beaufort County, by Terria Baynor and B.J. Rountree, for more information on this book, please contact Terria( or B. J.( The book if full of information and photographs, and is a must for the Baynor family doing research.

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