Gone, but not Forgotten

Baynor Town Cemetery

Once there was a small settlement here, but it is
completely gone now. Mrs. Agnas Baynor Swanner was
born and raised in an old house near here. Go north
from Acres on Highway 32 for 2.6 miles past State Road
1621. Turn right onto a dirt road and go about 4 miles.
The cemetery is about 100 yards from the lane on the north side.

Ange, Elsie, born May 13, 1904 & died June 12, 1936.
Double Headstone
Ange, Julius Gary, born Dec. 13, 1896 & died May 5, 1971
Ange, Earl Joseph, son of Julius & Elsie B.Ange. No dates. Headstone
Ange, Jasper Gray, son of Julius & Elsie B.Ange. No dates. Headstone

Walters, Infant son of C.W. & Blanch Walters, died Sept. 8, 1925
Headstone."Gone to be an Angel"
Walters, Infant son of C.W. & Blanch Walters, died Jan.14, 1924
"Gone to be an Angel"
Walters, Infant son of C.W. & Blanch Walters, died Jan. 14, 1923
"Gone to be an Angel"
Walters, Mildred F. dau. of Mr.& Mrs.?? Walters, died Mar. 27, 1947
Broken Headstone."Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven"

Baynor, Harley Monford, son of Mr.& Mrs. H.P.Baynor
born Mar.3, 1919 died Aug. 29, 1923.
Headstone "At Rest"
Baynor, John Langley.. No dates.
Military Headstone
Co. A, 32 N.C. State Troope, C.S.A.
(Baynor was spelled Boynor)
Baynor, Henry T. born Jan.2, 1867 died April, 27, 1906
Double Headstone
"A kind and loving father"
Baynor, Fannie C. Browney, his wife, born Feb. 28, 1882
died May 22, 1951
"A tender and loving mother"
Baynor, John A. born April 25, 1860 died Oct. 7, 1941
Double Headstone
Baynor, Julia C. Hollis, his wife, born 1863 died Nov. 15, 1903

Respass, Virginia A. born Aug. 17, 1850, died April, 27, 1906
"Gone but not forgotten"
Respass, E.G. daughter of J. M. & E. Respass, his wife,
born Nov. 20, 1879 died Aug. 7, 1885
"Jesus, lover of my soul, let me to Thy bosom fly,
while the nearer waters roll, while the tempest still is high,
hide me O my Savior, hide till the storm of life is past.
Safe into the heavens wide, recieve my soul, At Last"
Respass, George W. 1840-1906
Double Headstone
"God's finger touched them and they slept"
Respass, Mary Eliza. wife of George Respass. age 41 years
Respass, Samuel A. born Sept. 21,1855 & killed by lightening
April 16, 1891
"Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep from which none ever wake to weep,
a calm and undisturbed repose unbroken by the last of foes. Asleep
in Jesus, blessed sleep, from which we never wake to weep"

Harris, Henry G. son of A.T. & E.E. Harris,
born Aug. 4, 1890 died Dec. 4, 1890
"The lillies on the hillside spread out their perfume
while your baby is in heaven. Dear parents you come too."

Long Acre Chapel Church Cemetery

Baynor, John H. 1884-1948
Baynor, Prushey Ann Dunbar, his wife, 1893-1941
Double Headstone
"Tender parents and faithful Friends"

Baynor, Howard M. born May 18, 1895, died Sept. 7, 1957
Double Headstone
Military Headstone
N.C.P.F.C. Btry. B. 113 Field Arty. World War l
Baynor, Shirley Padgette, June 27, 1908 (no other dates)

Baynor, Melvin Wayne, son of Mr. & Mrs. Howard M. Baynor
born April 23, 1934, died May 10, 1934

Baynor, Henry Charlie, born Jan. 7, 1899, died March 3, 1973

Pinkham-Baynor Cemetery

Baynor, Catherine, born 7-24-1847, died 19-28-1885
Baynor, Zachariah, born 1-27-1824, died 2-6-1896
Bor-John L. born~~1880, died 3-17-1930
Congleton, Melinda S., born 10-5-1830 died 5-17-1909
Everson, Appla Baynor, born 3-7-1850 died 9-28-1928
Everson, James B., born~~1848 died 9-4-1900
Everson,Luther born~~1882 died 11-4-1906
Robertson, Wilbert. born 1~1900 died 1~1932
Robertson, William A., born ~1878 died 6-11-1933
Swindell, Jacob born 10-30-1805 died 1-30-1888
Swindell,Lucretia born 7-11-1808 died 3-5-1882
Swindell, W.H. born 7-14-1839 died 7-3-1891

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