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Our first and primary reason for this web page is to give our family lines a starting point for their research on the Baynor ancestors. We thought long and hard about whether to put things here that were not documented. Neither of us like "guess work", but we found that in order to bring the families together we needed to do some brainstorming using what information we had to find how these lines all connect. We do have quite a bit of the needed documentation, but still have many holes to fill. It has not been any easy project, but it has been exciting finding new relatives and new lines. We were given so much information, that we can't possibly put it all up at this time, but hope to do so in the near future. We would like to thank several people that have helped and inspired us to go on. Many have shared their information on their research. Without all the sharing, we would never be able to share with you what we have. First and foremost, Martha Baynor was kind enough to pass along to us all the information she had collected in the past, and this was our starting point. Withour her help, we would probably still be at the third generation back! Martha and Billy also encouraged us to go on with the Baynor 2000 Reunion, which we might add, was a great success!! Next we want to thank Cathy Clayton, withour her help we never would have gotten together to do this. Also Cathy was lucky enough to find old photos with the help of the Hassells, the Britts, and so many more. Bobbie Baynor, Luther Baynor, Audrey Hunnicutt, Eldon Coltrain, John Coltrain, Dot Moate, Lida Overton, Zelma and Bill Singleton, Sonia Smith, Harriett Furlough, Bob Boyd, Robert Chancey and many other names connected to the Baynors were very informative. So our thanks go out to all that have helped make this web site. If it weren't for your help, we wouldn't have what information we have today. We don't have everything, but we have a good start and TOGETHER we can find our Baynor heritage.
Please note that the Baynor name has been found to be spelled many ways..Bainer, Baner, Bayner, Beaner, and Beyner. We have found Baynor spelled differently in the same document. We do know that our Baynors came from England. There is a John Baynor, born 1620, mother is Elizabeth and his father is Richard Bainer. We are still in the process of searching this and hope to connect our line to this early Richard.
As we have stated, this is just a beginning point to help you get started on your Baynor search. When we first started, we didn't realize that we would have so many surnames in our line. The list just keeps growing and growing!! Every day, it seems we find a new "relative". We have met cousins that we never knew existed over the internet. To us, this was amazing, one cousin leads to another and before you know it, we have more surnames to add to the ever growing list. Again we want to thank each of you for your contributions, now.....To the Story....We will begin with John Baner (died prior to 1735). We believe him to be the father of Richard Beaner/Bainer. We have no documentation yet, that connects them, but he lived in Beaufort County on Sinclair Creek, not far from the Pamlico River Ferry....Now......The Story Begins!!

Our Forefather

We think John Baynor is our forefather. Who he married or who his parents were is unknown to us at this time. We know that the Baynors landed in Ma. From there they went to Maryland, Virginia, and finally settled in North Carolina. We know that John Baynor (Bainer) married the widow of John Kemp, from a land record transfer. On 24 January, 1754, James Lewis sold to Samuel Sinclare, 150 acres, on Miline, now Prices Creek, that formerly belonged to William Price, who sold it to John Kemp, who died, leaving it to his widow who married John Bayner. Bayner died leaving it to his widow, who married John Mackquin (McGuin, McGowen)who sold it to Josiah Jones. Jones conveyed it to William Johns, who conveyed it to Edward Broughton who conveyed it to Robert Kenyan. Kenyan died leaving two daughters, Mary and Dorothy. There was a deed of partition on 13 September, 1735 between the two sisters and their respective husbands, John Powers, and John Hyde.(source: High Tides, Vol. 16, Fall 1995, No.2)

Baynor Wills

Will of Richard BeanerSr.

Will of Alfred Bayner.

Will of Wiley Bayner.



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